Kaya CAD file request (STEP, IGES)

Hi, I am robot mecha designer in Japan.
I tried to Kaya DIY, but I encountered a barrier.
10mm x 10mm aluminum frames and batteries and more are difficult to obtain in Japan.
So I want to modify Kaya’s detail design(Global dimension was keeped).
However, the 3D data that can be DL is only STL.
JetBot can download STEP and IGES.
Please publish Kaya CAD files that can be edited as well.

Moving this thread to the Isaac SDK forum.

Hi shiba_8ro,

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll almost certainly be making STEP versions of the Kaya CAD files available for download in the future, though I can’t give you a solid timeline on that right now.

Hi kmaclean.

Thank you for reply. I ll wait it.

Hi shiba_8ro,

The Kaya Robot Reference Design download has been updated to include STEP and IGES versions of all 3D printed parts. You can find it in the same location as before:


Hi kmaclean

Great! I could import them to my 3D-CAD.
And I started build Kaya that Japan version.


Hi shiba_8ro,

Glad to hear it! Please feel free to share whatever you come up with.

Hi kmaclean,

There’s something I’d like to ask. Could you provide CAD files of Head cover(baseball cap) for Kaya which was showed in GTC 2019? I love it.

I’m an hobbyist in Japan and now trying to build Kaya with my friends. We are now collecting electronic component and request to 3D printer servicer to build parts. But sadly, that Head cover(baseball cap) was not included in the 3D files provided!

Could you please provide that file if you have that?


Hi Takapoko,

The helmet wasn’t included in the CAD downloads for a few reasons:

  • It is a less refined CAD model, quickly generated specifically for GTC
  • It requires a large amount of 3D printed support material and cleanup after printing, unlike other Kaya parts
  • It is a large model and takes a very long time to print (~24 hours with 0.2 mm layer height and 20% fill)
  • It requires some additional hardware: 90 deg USB cable
  • It adds weight to Kaya which can cause the dynamixel servos to become damaged over time

I have attached copies of these files for your use, but please keep the above in mind. These parts were not intended to be part of the original Kaya release.

At some point we may make these models more publicly available with the above disclaimers, or perhaps a more polished version of them.
2019-05-21_Construction_Kaya_Parts.zip (755 KB)

Great!!! Truly appreciate your kind support!
I agree and understand disclaimers. Thank you again.I’ll do my best to build up our Kaya!


Best of luck, and let us know how it goes!