Kaya ROS base node or ISAAC ROS Bridge

Hi I am trying to find a base node for ROS to control the dynamixels and get odometetry data back from them for use in ROS in the drive configuration that KAYA is using (Three wheel holonomic drive) does anyone know if there is a ROS package available that does this? or is there a way to use the ISAAC ROS bridge for this?
Ultimately I want to send CMD_VEL commands to this node to be able to move KAYA around from another ROS node.

Hi Jaime,

I’ve done something similar to that but for a differential drive, I suggest you to implement a ROSbridge app on the isaac sdk following this example:

Then you could just write a ROS node that subscribes to /cmd_vel, and converts the messages from cmd_vel to StateProto, and then just add the nodes and an edge between them on the config files.

Here is the node description for the kaya driver:

Jaime, pls let us know if your problem was resolved.