Kaya wheel problem

Hey there!

I’m a german electronics student and we are currently trying to implement the Nvidia Kaya at our university. It was a big hassle to find all the parts here in europe. And one important part is still missing… The wheels.

The wheels from VexEDR are no longer available in the correct size and hub-form. Are there any alternatives, which are available here in germany or even outside the US?

A different hub-form would’nt be a problem, we could adapt the design ourselves. But the wheel size is essential.

We would love to get started with Kaya as soon as possible.
Any help is appreciated!

Yours, Jan-Luca / HAWK Göttingen

I’m not sure if you have other requirements for the wheel size, but you can change the wheel radius easily in the config.


Kaya instructions guides this wheels, 3.25" Omni-Directional Wheel : https://www.vexrobotics.com/omni-wheels.html

VEX provides various sizes, 3.25", 4", 6", 8". And all parts are ‘In Stock’ it is said.


Hi janHawk,

I’m glad you were able to get some help. Have you been able to get your Kaya working with VEX or other omni-wheels? As bluecamel8fusr says, you should be able to change parameters in Kaya’s config if you use wheels with a different diameter.


We have gone with an different approach. The omni-wheels i’m using now are these:


Unfortunately we need to re-design the wheel-hub, but that’s ok. I knew that i could define the wheel size in Kaya’s config, but that wasn’t the question all along.

But I thankfully appreciate your help and we hope that our Kaya robot is rolling out soon ;)

Yours, Jan-Luca / HAWK Göttingen

That’s fantastic to hear. We have improved CAD model access for Kaya to go with our upcoming release, which may be of help to you. Have fun with your Kaya!