Kaya with four engines (four mecanum wheels)

We would like to use Kaya as a reference for our own platform with four mecanum wheels.
Which apps and nodes do I have to change for a four engine drive set-up?
Is there any reference design in python or C++ that I can use?

Hi Mirko, welcome to the forums.

We do have a sample Kaya application that you can follow and make edits to.

Here are some reference files to look at:
Kaya USD asset on the server or asset package:


Kaya URDF file :


Sample app:


In the current version, edits are only able to be done on Python code.
You could also import our own URDF. Success of the import depends on the structure of the URDF. This will be improved in the later versions.

the edits would need to be made to the file aac-sim-2020.1.1920-4b1097bc-linux-x86_64-release/_build/linux-x86_64/release/exts/omni.isaac.samples/omni/isaac/samples/scripts/kaya_preview.py ? to some other files as well? in order to implement 4 wheels platform?

Yes, the kaya_preview.py file is a good start for a sample then Isaac/Robots/Kaya/kaya.usd from the assets package is next and any other dependencies to the robot USD file. Physics and meshes can be tweaked in Isaac Sim.