KDE video freeze on startup after sleep in 310.19

With both my old GT220 and my new GTX660, the screen will freeze when starting up KDE using the 310.19 driver. It will only happen if the screen has been asleep for an extended period of time. I usually notice it overnight. Today it happened when I logged into KDM at 6 P.M. having not used the computer since noon. I can log in via KDM just fine. When KDE starts, it shows the splash screen. But before the last two icons come into focus, the screen freezes. It seems like KDE is continuing to boot because after a few moments, I’ll hear the startup sound. I have to use crtl-alt-backspace to get back to KDM. From that point on, everything works normally. Reverting to 304.xx fixes it.

I’m using Slackware64 14.0 with the default Xfree and KDE 4.9.3. The attached bug report was generated without the extra X logging. I ran the bug report after bringing down X via “init 3” as root.

Here’s another one, except this is with 304.64. Apparently that driver has the same issue. I ran this bug report before bringing X down.

By the way, how can I get X to do the extra logging if I’m using KDM and not starting it with startx? I’ve never had to do that before. I went patrolling around the KDM files on my distro but didn’t find anything obvious.

Just a datapoint, I left myself logged into KDE overnight with the 310.09 driver. Everything came back fine.

Where it stops in the KDE splash screen, there typically is a screen “flash” (for the lack of a better word). Normally, KDE just keeps loading. After a long sleep the video just freezes at that point.

Just another datapoint, I found out that if I do a three finger salute (ctrl-alt-backspace) at the KDM login screen, let it restart, and THEN log in KDE starts normally.

The 313 beta does the same thing, unsurprisingly.

I downgraded to 304.51 and that works fine. So somewhere after that something was changed that triggers the problem.

Any ideas?

310.32 makes it worse. It locks up if the screen goes to sleep for any length of time.

Hmmm. It seems that 310.40 may have fixed it. I just started up my computer after sleeping all night and it worked! Hopefully that’s the last of this bug.