Keep user data partition while flashing SSD

Is it possible to keep user data partition on the m.2 SSD while flashing it? the Orin nx doesn’t have an internal emmc so I think the ./ is useless and we need to use the initramfs method


it’s feasible when doing image-based OTA, but not when doing normal re-flash:

  1. I’m not familiar with this process so I just want to make sure I understood correctly:
  • On initial flash (using ./ script or initramfs method) I have to erase the whole ssd
  • Later on, I can create on my host my own system.img file (which will be flashed as APP partition) and use the OTA method to flash it manually instead of the existing APP partition, hence living other created partition unaffected?
    is that accurate?
  1. They said in the link you sent:
    Applies to Jetson Xavier NX series and Jetson AGX Xavier series only.

so I can’t use OTA on Orin NX?



Right, but I think the point is that, you can just back up files you need, and put them inside Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs. This way, it’s fine you either re-flash the device or use OTA update.

Because 35.3.1 is the first L4T release that officially supports Orin NX, so OTA is not available for Orin NX. Like, you don’t have a newer version to update to.

Thank you for your help, much appreciation.
Regarding my first question I think its a better idea to isolate the rootFS from other user data in a separate partition, therefore I need the ability to erase only that partition.

Regarding my second question I wonder if OTA is truly not supported or its just not mentioned in the guide from the reason you mentioned. I’ll check it out.

I can confirm that with the initrd script you can keep user data partition while flashing others.

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