Keep window open to read error message?

I’ve reached the debug stage of a program that implements a BVP package. It cranks for a while, then writes multiple lines of messages to the proram window and stops…and the window is closed before I can read the message.
How can I get the window to stay open?

Hi lelerew,

I’m assuming you’re using PVF, in which case there isn’t a way to keep the window open. However, you can capture the output by changing your project property page’s 'Debugging->Command Argument" to redirect the output to a file, i.e. “> output.txt”. After the program terminates, you can then open the file in notepad and view the output.

Since the window closes after the debugger ends, you can also try setting a break point before the program ends.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, Matt! The redirect should do it. I already have files open for solution output and error messages from my code, but the “package” doesn’t have the option to redirect output and no place to put a breakpoint–just one call, then wait for a return. If successful, more calls are made to get the solution at various points.