Kernel 3.12 Nvidia Optimus 319.60 driver Which card is running?

Hey! I am using ubutnu 13.10 with kernel 3.12 installed from mainline repo. I also installed nvidia 319.60 drivers from run file with a patch for kernel 3.12. It seems that this kernel has capability to close and open nvidia GPU. Is it possible to follow which card is in use? I am not sure if it is working or not.

I fail in the kernel 3.12 with NVIDIA 325.15. Errors comparison.

You should patch with

but there is no need for that now. Nvidia released 331.20 which have support for kernel 3.12 but I still could not figure out if the optimus is working or NVidia card is on all times.

For the patching process

./NVIDIA*.run --extract-only
cd NVIDıa*

and in that folder copy the patch downloaded. Then

patch -p1 "nvidia patch name here" < nvidia-install

after that swtich to Ctrl+Alt+f1 and do the normal install.

Is anyone have an information about whetder the optimus is working or not in kernel 3.12??

Ooook. Probe… :)
IN my case not working in 325.15. Fail complete. Thanks.