Kernel can not launch

Hi every body.
I have a question and i try to answer by myself but I think that not correct enough.

What is the reason why Kernel can not launch?
my answer is:

  1. check your Kernel define.
  2. check your threads in block to confirm that not over 512 threads per block.
  3. check the register per multiprocessor to confirm that enough for running.
  4. check shared memory per multiprocessor to confirm that enough for running.
  5. check your calling kernel.
  6. finally give the Error catching command to get information
    “printf(“CUDA Error: %s\n”, cudaGetErrorString(cudaGetLastError()));”

In my program. i check all my answer [ CUDA Error is no error], even my kernel is very simple but it can not launch. This is the first time i got this situation. I tried to compile my old program and all of them work correctly.
can anybody give some advise.
thank .

You told there is no cuda error. How do you notice the launch problem? Are there any other errors?

Perhaps your error is somewhere earlier in your code.

Hi QD4.

I don’t know why, but when i reinstall the CUDA driver, SDK, and Toolkit. My program was working.

I didn’t change any thing.