Kernel driver compilation - avoid new kernel flashing

Hi all,

I’m trying to use a WiFi Adapter with a PX2 board but, obviously, it requires its driver to run properly (I can see it attached using ‘dmesg’ but no ‘wlanXY’ interfaces appears). So, I took its driver sources and crosscompiled (seems successfully) them inside the kernel tree. Then I copied the generated ‘.ko’ module into target board and I tried to load it using ‘sudo insmod drivername.ko’.
But an error appears: “insmod: ERROR: could not insert module drivername.ko: Invalid parameters”. If I take a look at dmesg, it shows me lots of error messages. For example:

  • disagree about version of symbol ...
  • Unknown symbol ...

What’s happening? Do I have to flash the entire new kernel?

Thanks a lot

Dear luca.seoli,

Yes, but you can move the kernel you made to the top kernel directory as described in

Then download the kernel only without flashing the entire RFS and NOR using the bootburn “-R” option – -b -R