Kernel driver compilation - avoid new kernel flashing

Hi all,

I’m trying to use a WiFi Adapter with a PX2 board but, obviously, it requires its driver to run properly (I can see it attached using ‘dmesg’ but no ‘wlanXY’ interfaces appears). So, I took its driver sources and crosscompiled (seems successfully) them inside the kernel tree. Then I copied the generated ‘.ko’ module into target board and I tried to load it using ‘sudo insmod drivername.ko’.
But an error appears: “insmod: ERROR: could not insert module drivername.ko: Invalid parameters”. If I take a look at dmesg, it shows me lots of error messages. For example:

  • disagree about version of symbol ...
  • Unknown symbol ...

What’s happening? Do I have to flash the entire new kernel?

Thanks a lot

Dear luca.seoli,

Yes, but you can move the kernel you made to the top kernel directory as described in Autonomous Vehicle Development Platforms | NVIDIA Docs

Then download the kernel only without flashing the entire RFS and NOR using the bootburn “-R” option – -b -R