kernel error at starting

Hi Everyone,

I am new in Jetson TX1.

I have plugged in HDMI cable (to a SAmsung HD TV). (Previously I tried the other monitors by cable, HDMI to VGA but it did not work)

I have plugged in USB keybord and mouse.

I have touched power. I have seen some letters and number. I have seen pasword and user name as ubuntu also.

Later, I received an error.

160186 unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual…
178708 pgd = ffffffc0f9d0a000…

what is problem? Could you please give me an information?

Have you flashed the Jetpack onto your TX1 after receiving it? It should come with a stock Ubuntu install but the Jetpack reinstalls the OS and adds CUDA and a bunch of other programs.

That’s a kernel OOPS, your basic crash. More details may be difficult, but would help greatly, e.g., did you ever run the “NVIDIA-INSTALLER/” script? And if so, did you use sudo? Did you manage to log in on text console before the crash? Was this logged in to graphical desktop when this happened?

Probably one of the easiest ways to get information is via serial console…this is immune to video and network failures. You’d have to set this up, see:

Thanks for answers.

I have not run INSTALLER/

However I have seen home directory and instruction steps. Later my keybord has locked. I restarted it. Iused reset and power buttons or plug out power cable. I did not use sudo. Should I use sudo

Yes. requires sudo for almost every file it puts in. If this was run without sudo it is plausible this may have caused issues. Run again with sudo, or you could even flash something like R23.2.

Mant thanks for answers. I tried udo ./ I received internal errors. I did not use internet cable.

While I use sudo ./, should I plug in intenet cable?

Mant thanks for answers. I tried sudo ./ I received internal errors. I did not use internet cable.

While I write sudo ./, should I plug in intenet cable?

Ethernet is never required for flash, completing the step, nor for basic operation. Ethernet becomes useful while installing other packages. In the case of JetPack, this is a front end to flash and extra package installs…the extra package installs fail without ethernet, but flash itself uses only the micro-B USB cable.

Getting errors from sudo of the makes me believe perhaps something more is going on due to a previous error. If you can give more information on the errors it might be possible to figure out the problem, but it’s likely easier to just flash with R23.2 (JTX1 arrives with R23.1 which needs upgrade anyway). You can either flash manually with driver package+sample rootfs, or via JetPack. If you use JetPack you’ll want the micro-B USB and ethernet connected, but if you manually flash with driver package then only the micro-B USB cable is needed.