Kernel functions cannot be analyzed using nsys

when i use my nsight system to profile my program,it can’t profile the kernel function.the program is as below

Blockquote#include <stdio.h>

global void hello() {
printf(“Hello world from device\n”);

int main() {
printf(“Hello world from host\n”);
hello<<<1, 1>>>();

return 0;


i got the result as below

it seems like that, i can’t profile the kernel how can i use the nsys,by the way ,the nsight version is as below

the driver version is 525,the cuda version is 12.0

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So you are showing the console, and it appears that Nsys ran correctly. Was there a .nsys-rep file created? Did you try to open that in the GUI?

Alternatively if you just want so see simple statistics, you can add the --stats option to your command line and it will print some of the most commonly used statistics to the terminal when the run is complete.