Kernel Issues

I have this small kernel…and I have several problems…
First issue: thread_Id isn’t taking any value “What is shown is ???” even though the value of MAX_BLOCK_SIZE is 512 …
Second issue: I can’t add the breakpoint anywhere else sum(4,5,&z)

global void
Build_one_IV(int* x,char** d_DataFiles, TermNode** d_IV_Results, char*** d_resultForTokenizer)

//global thread Id:
int thread_Id;
thread_Id = blockIdx.x * MAX_BLOCK_SIZE + threadIdx.x;

int x2;
x2 = x[threadIdx.x];
char* thread_Document = d_DataFiles[thread_Id];
char** thread_Result_IV = d_resultForTokenizer[thread_Id];
int z;
z = x2 + x2;
    Parse(thread_Document, thread_Result_IV);


Third issue: I have a problem with this code during compile time …
Parse(thread_Document, thread_Result_IV);

Thanks in advance