Kernel log on Jetson Nano 4gb


I want to get the kernel log for Jetson Nano 4gb to check the usage of memory and at what point the code is taking up all the memory causing it to shut down. Is there any way to get these logs?


Use command dmesg on any terminal will give you the log.

But it may not give you the memory usage.

It might be as simple as using something like htop ("sudo apt-get install htop") to find the memory consumer. You can set the memory usage as the sort column. Do keep in mind there are different categories of memory, and the column “MEM%” is likely what you want. Example (normally I wouldn’t use sudo with htop, but will in this case):
sudo htop --sort-key 'PERCENT_MEM%'
(see “htop --sort-key help” if you want to see all possible sort orders)

There might also be times when you want to see a tree view to see totals of a parent with many subprocesses, which is the F5 key. The F6 sort key setup also lets you pick sort without command line.

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