Kernel mainlining commitment from Nvidia?

Hello everyone, my first post here. Someone may have asked this already, but I haven’t been able to find a similar post.

What’s Nvidia’s plan on mainlining the Linux Kernel for TK1? Texas Instrument has not done a great job mainlining their OMAP3/4 platforms. A lot of useful features such as hardware acceleration and DSP is missing in their kernel branch. It would be nice to know that we will get X number of years of Kernel support from Nvidia before I propose a project using TK1.



There is an active development in the mainline kernel for the Tegra devices. You can already boot TK1 with the upstream kernel. You can get even open source OpenGL running on it: (do read the description there).

The mainline kernel is missing still functionality (power management related, peripherals, etc.) and the 3D part is considered experimental.

Currently there’s no hardware video encoding/decoding support in the upstream kernel / open source components.

Official support for Jetson TK1 is through the NVIDIA’s Linux for Tegra, which uses currently 3.10 kernel and provides binary user space drivers.

There’s no official roadmap (at least I haven’t seen any) about how many years will this or that component be supported with new versions but the amount of patches to mainline kernel seems to have grown lately and that’s a good sign, imo. There is still patches getting merged to mainline even for Tegra2.