kernel module size (kernel_supplements.tbz2) has huge different size

Hi Sir/Madam,

The size of rootfs/lib/modules that are extracted from kernel_supplement.tbz2 in JAX-TX2-Jetson_Linux_R32.1.0_aarch64.tbz2 is 47MB. But the size of the one that I built from kernel source is 914.4MB.

I found all drivers (*.ko) are the same but the sizes have huge different.
For example. the gpu “nvgup.ko”, the default release from kernel_supplement.tbz2 is 2.4 MB, The size I build from kernel source is 86.6MB. (Others also have huge different sizes)

Is there any reason to cause this different?
PS: I use “gcc-linaro-6.4.1” and R32.1

Thank you


We will check this issue. Thanks for report.

Found the root cause

add “INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1” when make module_install

but if I use “sudo” as below, the “INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1” doesn’t work.

sudo make ARCH=arm64 O=$TEGRA_KERNEL_OUT INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1 modules_install \

If I don’t use sudo, and install to another folder, the size will be the same as kernel_supplement.tbz2 you released.

make ARCH=arm64 O=$TEGRA_KERNEL_OUT INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1 modules_install \

So now I install module to another folder and zip to update “Linux_for_Tegra/kernel/kernel_supplements.tbz2”, then use to update “rootfs/lib/modules”.