Kernel Modules for parallel port

I realised that many kernel modules are missing or not compiled in.
For example I attached a parallel port mini PCIe (full size but it fits well) with a
Moschip MCS9901. It seems to be recogized properly but I believe parport_pc and lp are missing.
Can this be confirmed and corrected?
I thought it would be worth a dedicated topic as fitting a full-size mini PCIe to the (half-size) TK1 and thus having a proper parallel port (or so I hope) at a most modern machine is very helpful for compability with several specific hardware.


You could try this, but when you run make menuconfig, instead of selecting ‘FTDI serial driver’ instead choose ‘Parallel port support’. Parallel port is listed on the first Device Drivers page in menuconfig. Select ‘M’ to build it as module.

Just a suggestion…since there is no parallel port on Jetson, pick up a parallel-to-USB adapter cable, and go USB. It’s simpler than the mini-PCIe.

I want to access an oldish EPROM burner. USB-Parport adapters in general fail as either their timing is bad, or some lines are not controlled properly. I think its timing. This is a known issues for ALL usb-parport dongles. Not even all usb-serial work for hardware relying on certain timings.
I managed to compile relevant modules (parport_pc, lp, ppdev) and I think it worked (cant get to run the drivers for other reasons).
Compiling modules via make menuconfig etc. worked well though!
(only draw back it compiled them for 3.10.24 (I think) instead of 3.10.24-g6…

Yes, this happens to me as well. Instead of doing make modules_install, I have to manually copy the compiled .ko’s into /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel and then run depmod. I think there might be a config string somewhere where you can set the suffix g6…

Just use the kernel source of 3.10.24 from nVidia’s kernel source download, and configure it with the /proc/config.gz obtained while running the original kernel.

E.G., copy /proc/config.gz to the kernel source area and unpack it to name .config, and under make menuconfig, load this. Then under “General setup”, very close to the top, put in the suffix which makes “3.10.24” match the uname -r of the original kernel. I’m on R19.3, so my uname -r is 3.10.24-gf455cd4. For this, I’d have “Local version” set to “-gf455cd4”. If you save with this “Local version”, you have the exact kernel running when config.gz was copied over. Add something like “_1” if you want when you modify it slightly.