Kernel panic and unability to restore displays to a working state


I’m not sure if this has been reported, but for few driver versions now, including new 470 beta, I have a problem where when I turn off both my displays, but mainly after I turn off my TV (LG OLED 55CX) connected to HDMI 2.1 on 4K@120Hz to RTX3080 card (HDMI-1) when monitor on DP is turned off, I can’t restore my displays to a working state, they don’t get any signal from the graphics card. Monitor I’m using is Dell 27" U2719D via Display Port connected on DP-0 on the card. Also, for some reason, monitor is not detected as a primary display, even if I set it in Gnome display settings, but that is another topic.

I’m attaching a bug report that was run after this happened, and I connected to ssh.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (194.3 KB)

Has been reported several times but unfortunately, no updates so far.