Kernel Panic in mlx4_en_do_set_rx_mode

We have an HP server with Mellanox cards connected to two stacked routers via aggregated interface. Sometimes, when one of the routers restarts, server gets kernel panic. Is there a fix for that? Traceback is attached.

Server: HP ProLiant m510 Server Cartridge/ProLiant m510 Server Cartridge, BIOS H05 07/15/2019

Kernel: 4.19.131, 4.19.146

OS: Centos 7


driver: mlx4_en

version: 4.0-0

firmware-version: 2.42.5028


bus-info: 0000:0d:00.0

mlx4_traceback.txt (3.29 KB)

Try to use latest Mellanox OFED v4.9 to see if it helps .