Kernel source for jetson nano develop kit

I want to change kernel code for my jetson nano devleop kit. But when I try to use the kernel source of jetson nano, the device can not boot after module install. So is the jetson nano develop kit use different kernel source with jetson nano, and where can I get the kernel source, thanks.
I got public_sources in this page Jetson Linux R32.6.1 Release Page | NVIDIA Developer and it works well in jetson nano.

The kernel source package within the public_sources.tbz2 is correct (it is a package within a package). Assuming your L4T release is R32.6.1, then that would be correct.

When I change kernel and restart, the log shows error message as follows.

And I can login use debug serial port, but the error message continue shows, and I can not see desktop ui in screen monitor.

What do you see from “uname -r”? This tells you in part whether the kernel configuration is able to find its modules (and this in turn is part of correct configuration if reusing modules). Please keep in mind that even if you use the correct kernel source, that the configuration is critically important. It also matters if you are replacing the entire kernel, versus adding a module. You need a lot more detail about what you added and how you added it, along with configuration steps. For configuration steps, you also need to specifically state what you configured for CONFIG_LOCALVERSION.

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