Kernel Update to 3.13 in Jetson TX1.

I am working on a application. One of the application package requires kernel version higher than 3.13. Any support for drivers for this version of kernel ?

That would depend on what feature of 3.13+ is required. Three possibilities are: (1) back port the feature to TX1 kernel; (2) forward port TX1 kernel features into 3.13; (3) substitute the application feature requirement.

Of the above, I imagine there is a very large effort to fully port the entire 3.10.67 TX1 kernel into 3.13. Possibly back porting the 3.13 feature into 3.10.67 would be minimal. Only you can say what effort it would be to use alternate code in your application to achieve your desired result.

So much of the answer to this question requires a detailed knowledge of whatever feature you need from 3.13. To whatever extent you can, please elaborate on what configs are used/needed in 3.13 which is not currently present in 3.10.