Kernel upgrade using OTA

Hi @WayneWWW ,

I want to upgrade the kernel via OTA, so I tried to create a deb package for the kernel upgrade using the script and replaced the /boot/Image with the custom image.

In the deb package there is a file name kernel_only_payload in opt/ota_package/t19x. Wat does this file do? Will it flash the kernel image to any partition and during bootup will that partition be read for kernel image ?

Will the kernel image be read from /boot or from the partition?
When will the kernel image be read from /boot and when it will be read from partition?
Is it enough to only change the Image in the /boot directory for custom kernel upgrade?

Thanks in advance


Take devkit for example: by default the cboot will read the kernel from emmc if you don’t change the boot order. Firstly, cboot will check the file system (/boot/Image) and if this image is fine, using this to boot up.

However, if this file is missing, then it will fallback to use the image from the partition.

Thanks for your response @WayneWWW