kernel usage when compiling CUDA Fortran

In C CUDA, we can print out the kernel usage with -ptxas-options=-v

This is a very helpful feature to tune the code. I don’t whether we can do this in CUDA Fortran. I search the manual, yet there is no clue.

Thank you,

Hi Tuan,

No ETA on when it will be available or the exact form, but we are working on getting this information back to the user.

  • Mat

As Mat said, there is, as yet, no equivalent to -ptxas-options=-v with CUDA Fortran. But, you can get the same information if you use the keep options. -Mcuda=keepbin will write the equivalent of the .cubin file which contains the smem, lmem, reg information.

I read one thread from NVIDIA forum that, such information in the cubin is not exactly the same as the one generated by -ptxas-options=-v. No one know how the values in the cubin are generated as it is internal.

Do you have the same experience with this.