Keyboard layout in 2022.1.0 Beta


I am using isaac sim in headless mode, started from the container. I connect via the omniverse streaming app. The problem I am facing is, that I have a German keyboard layout, but isaac sim uses a US layout. I cannot find a setting to change the keyboard layout. Am I missing it somewhere? Is there any other workaround?


Hi. Do you see the same issue with Isaac Sim 2022.1.1?
Try reproducing it with the Launcher version of Isaac Sim without the Streaming App too and also try Create or Code if possible.

Hi. Yes it is the same problem in 2022.1.1.
I don’t have direct access to the workstation so I could not try the Launcher version of Isaac Sim. But I tried the different streaming options and with WebRTC the same issue occurs but with WebSocket my German keyboard layout is included.

Thanks. I have filed bug. OM-61931 for tracking.
Can you take a screenshot or video with and without the issue in WebRTC vs WebSocket please?

I made two screenshots in which I wrote “testYYY—ZZZA”. The first one is with WebRTC and the second with Websocket. Websocket is very laggy though and not usable from my point of view.