Keyboard/mouse not detected on first boot

Hi everyone, I’m a bit stumped here and I thought I might ask for your advice.

I have bought a Jetson Nano 2GB Dev Kit. I’ve installed everything on an SD card, everything worked great, absolutely no problems.

Then I bought a Jetson Xavier NX, but without the base board. I see that I can actually replace the Nano with the Xavier on the Nano board, so I did that. I’ve successfully flashed the Xavier on the Nano board using the SDK Manager. The problem is that when the device boots for the first time, I need to set it up from the desktop, but I cannot use the keyboard and the mouse, for some reason. It looks like there is no power for these devices.

I am attaching here a screenshot (photo?!) of the messages I’m seeing during boot.

I would very much appreciate any advice I could get.
For reference, the power adaptor that I use delivers 5V / 3000 mA.

You can use NX on nano 4GB board but not 2GB board.