Kinematic Char Controller and Vehicle issue


When the vehicle is put into drive mode and another player walks up to the vehicle, he/she can push it around like it weighs nothing. They can also jump on it and cause it to be pushed up and fly all around. This is caused by the infinite mass kinematic character controller.

My question is, how did other people solve this and what is the right direction for me to go in?

Currently, to avoid the problem, I put a box obstacle around the vehicle. However, this is not a long term fix. Can someone point me in the right direction?



I dont use the vehicle extension and I really dont know anything about it.
But maybe you could get a onContactModify -callback. [You need to specifiy this]

Within that callback, you can ignore the collisions, or set them with an offset “higher”. (Not good)
Or better to set the force to zero if its possible.
I dont know if this is a good way to solve it, or if it even works, but this is the first thing I tought when I read this post.

But I guess that a obstacle box is a much better solution that the onContactModify - dirty fix.

Maybe you could set some PxFilterFlags for the vehicle, so the PxController cant “collide” with it.-
And you do some fancy sweeps or AABB checks against it - but I think the obstacle is the better solution.

Why do you think that obstacles are bad for it?

What is when you set the vehicle to a kinematic actor while he is not moving?

Again, I dont know the best solution for it or even if this is possible.