Kit quick start guide?

I just wanted to say this is exactly what I need more so

" * explain how to setup VSCode and Kit integration to iterate on extensions and apps, point to the right python, libraries, debug them, etc.

  • explain the folder structure, where can I put my extensions, how the dependencies are found, how to troubleshoot that, etc.
  • start with simple bare bones app and progressively add more extensions to build up something like Create app from scratch, without getting bogged down on details"

This is what I’m looking for myself

Hi @s_dempsey. Thanks for the feedback. We’ve been building out our developer journey since the beginning of this thread.

Here are some resources covering some of the topics you mentioned:

  1. Best place to start for an intro to Kit: NVIDIA Omniverse - Developer Resource Center | NVIDIA Developer
  2. Build your first extension video: How to Build an Omniverse Extension in Less Than 10 Minutes - YouTube
  3. How to debug in VSCode: How to Debug Your Kit Extension Using VSCode Debugger with Omniverse Code App - YouTube

We are also beginning to build out resources about creating Applications. Look out for those in the near future.

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Thanks @mati-nvidia working my way thru all of these much of it im already using appreciate the help!