KL15 Banana Plug for Startup/Shutdown


I have been looking at the DRIVE PX 2 AutoChauffeur Mechanical and Installation Guide documentation and one connection it says is optional is connecting the banana plug to KL15 for vehicle ignition status. I was wondering if there is any documentation related to using this connection for soft shutdown and startup. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Dear bjsmyth,

I’d like to suggest using Aurix(power [a|b|ab] [on|off])to turn DPX2 on and off. Thanks.

Thanks Steve! Is there a way to have the KL15 banana plug on the harness have the Aurix power the PX 2 on and off? I understand I can use the Aurix to control powering the Tegras but I’m looking to be able to power them down when the banana plug is disconnected and when it is reconnected they power on. Right now to me it seems unplugging the banana plug does nothing on either the Tegras or the Aurix. Thanks again!