Kvaser Leaf Light with Drive PX 2


We have just received our Drive PX 2 and are struggling to install and use the Kvaser Leaf Light https://www.kvaser.com/linux-drivers-and-sdk/

The problem is after making all the drivers, when starting them we get “Exec format error.” However, people must be using kvaser leaf light with the drive px 2, and it says in the kvaser documentation it supports ARM.

How can we force it to compile for the right architecture for Drive Px Tegra?

Does anyone know how to do this, or know where there are some instructions on how to do this?


Hello MatthewLinder,

Could you please let us know what you are trying to install on DPX2?
And please file a bug for this via partners.nvidia.com and give us full details. Thanks.

We are trying to install the Kvaser linux can drivers: https://www.kvaser.com/linux-drivers-and-sdk/.

But we cannot without the Drive PX Kernel source. Can we get this somehow? thanks

Dear MatthewLinder,

Thank you for your update.
Could you please file a bug for your request via partners.nvidia.com or your account -> My Bugs -> Submit a New Bug? Thanks.

were you able to solve this issue and work with the kvaser on drive px2?

Not with the regular linuxcan driver.

But with socketcan it works

Hey Matthew, if its not a problem for you, can you refer me to a link on how to do it using socket can


Best I got