Kvaser Leaf USB-CAN driver on TX2


I downloaded linuxcan from Kvaser and got it built fine. I got an error msg when installing it,
nvidia@TX2:~/sw/linuxcan/leaf$ sudo sh ./installscript.sh
Checking for loaded SocketCAN driver for Kvaser USB devices.
SocketCAN driver not found.
Blacklisting SocketCAN Kvaser USB driver to prevent it from auto-loading.

It’s strange as I already installed “sudo apt install can-utils” and loaded kernel modules,
nvidia@TX2:~/sw/linuxcan/leaf$ sudo modprobe can
nvidia@TX2:~/sw/linuxcan/leaf$ sudo modprobe can_raw
nvidia@TX2:~/sw/linuxcan/leaf$ sudo modprobe slcan

I got same Kvaser CAN leaf works on TX1 board.

Could you help?



Hi Steve,

I think socketCAN is no longer in use on jetsonTX2 and it is deprecated.
We have used only can-utils.
can-utils can be used with similar configurable options for CAN nodes.

For set-up please have a look at these detailed steps using can-utils tool on the below link.


Please let us know if you are able to configure the CAN nodes properly on TX2.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Sandipan,

I got LinuxCan working on my TX2. I’m not sure exactly which step fixed the issue. I tried many different tricks including rebuilding kernel.



I use kvaser usb can light on tx2 , installed the Linux can driver successfully from kvaser website, but has below :

I use lsusb command will show:
Bus 001 devoce 004:ID 0bfd:0123 kvaser AB

when use ifconfig command
there is no can list in the list.

this is the kvaser use-can, did anyone in this loop know how to make it work? Thanks.