L4T 24.1 Xorg 720x1280 trouble

Hi Jachen,

Yes, I know. I read these docs many times. :)
Please let me know which doc describes relation between I2C ports in hardware docs and kernel channel numbers and addresses? (for example)

In hardware dos we have pin names like:



(actually also I2C)

How to find without tracing back a PCBs and kernel code which kernel channel number corresponds to the pins specified?

It is a little example. Such kind of info is completely absent.

I have to repeat again, because it seems we were not able to understand each other.

We are talking about an LCD I have, and perhaps you have never seen it.
You have tested some LCDs, but there is no any list of LCD models you tested. I’ve asked…
I’ve wrote a driver and appropriate DT records and made my MIPI DSI LCD work on 23.2.
But I cannot repeat it on 24.2 because of an unknown reason.
On 24.1 it worked as FB in consoles, but X11 wrongly recognized resolution.
On 24.2 it stopped to work in consoles also.

So, I don’t believe that a quick start guide can help me after all I’ve done…
Ok. I will find a solution as usual debugging a kernel and playing with parameters, spending a lot of time…

Hope, one day TX1 becomes more suitable for professional projects.

Thank you and best regards,

X11 problems are solved in 24.2
Kernel problems solved by rebase our branch from 23.2 to r24.4

Hi ChenJian,

I’ve written that my DSI LCD is working now.
But now it works even Ignore option is defined:

Section "Monitor"                                                                                                         
       Identifier "DSI-0"
       Option    "Ignore"

Please comment.

Best regards,

Found. Now the xorg.conf is not a symlink…

Hi, Which DSI Panel are you using? If I would like to buy one to test with the Tegra X1, which one would you recommend?


Hi, I’m using some from AUO and SanTek.
It is very hard to recommend something because you should have a special agreement with manufacturer.
I’ve never seen the DSI LCD panels in retail market.

Could you explain a little your task?


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your answer, well, in my case I would like to demo and exercise the DSI capabilities of the board so I was wondering which LCD I could use for this. Normally we try to test several things ahead so we can make it simpler for our customers.

Hi DavidSoto,

We are working the same way. First of all I had to find models and manufacturers who can provide us with required volumes. Most of manufacturers have a MoQ starting from 100K for DSI LCD. It is a cell phone business… It is too much for our business…

Actually JTX1 has two channel of 4 lanes each. Moreover both can be aggregated as one channel of 8 lanes, but I have never tried to do it.

It means, you can connect most of existing DSI LCDs. But Devil in the details…
MIPI is not a simple standard and the docs are closed. So, it is not easy to write a driver if you don’t have it. In most cases LCDs you can use a code written by NVIDIA guys. There are some drivers for some unknown panels in the kernel drivers set from NVIDIA. Sometimes you should change it… It is every time tricky, but possible. That’s why I’ve asked for a datasheet…


Hi Alex,

Yes, MIPI can be tricky. We have a lot of experience in the camera side, creating drivers for a lot of customers and there are cameras that you can use with the TX1 and some carrier boards from auvidea. I was looking for something similar in the display side. Thanks for providing the details! It really helps.


Hi David,

Ok. You are welcome. But I did really nothing.
So, if you have some more detailed questions please feel free to ask. Perhaps I can answer… :)

Best regards,