l4t 28.2 camera sensor device tree i2c host1x entry

Hi nvidia,

I noticed in device tree of the example camera sensor that the host1x entry contains an i2c entry containing a camera sensor entry. Is that physically correct ? Is there a i2c bus in the host1x bus and must the camera sensors be connected that way ? I have seen that the linux kernel in l4t 28.2 does now support spi sensors. What must then be written in the device tree under the host1x entry for spi sensors ?

hello phdm,

may I know which Jetson platform/ JetPack release you would like to work with SPI sensors.
here are some information for your reference, TX1 SPI, TX2 SPI

Hello JerryChang,

we are currently developing with TX1, but could switch to TX2 if we need more GPU power.

we are using l4t 28.2.1

thank you for the links; we succeeded to use SPI to communicate with our camera sensor.

my question is : we have described our sensor in the dt in a top-level spi@7000d400 entry. Must we also declare our sensor a second time inside a spi@7000d400 entry inside the host1x entry ?

hello phdm,

there’s SPI driver for sensor controls, you should separate spi and host1x declarations.

Is it necessary to put a spi@… { imx…@ { } } block inside the host1x block ? What could not work if we don’t add such block and describe completely the sensor at its natural position in the spi@… block ?