l4t 28.2 nvcamera-daemon probable bug with pixel_phase


i have in my dt two modes for my sensor, with different resolutions. When I use the resolution from mode1, nvcamera-daemon uses the pixel_phase from the mode0.

hello phdm,

may I have your confirmation that your sensor is using different color formats with different resolutions?
could you please also have some debug prints to show this phenomenon.

I didn’t write that :) Because the documentation of the sensor is not clear about the pixel_phase, and using the fact that the sensor provides multiple resolutions, I had put a different pixel_phase for each resolution in order to find out which pixel_phase I must use. Looking at the images obtained using a nvcamerasrc-based gstreamer pipeline, I had concluded that the pixel_phase set in mode1 was the good one. When I replicated this pixel_phase in the other resolutions, thus in the mode0 one, the image in all modes became pink, even the one in mode1 where I had not changed anything. As a normal user, I expect that the software uses the settings that I have provided, not some other ones.

Sorry, I don’t see how I could provide some debug prints. What happens is purely internal to nvcamerasrc or nvcamera-daemon.

hello phdm,

may I know is this still an issue after following the tutorials in Topic 1038378.

Hello JerryChang,

This was with only one sensor, but two modes, whereas the other topic is about two sensors.

Nevertheless, if time permits, I’ll test again.