L4T 3.0 hangs on Post Installation

I have had this board for a while, haven’t used it much. I just tried to install the L4T 3.0 update and it seems to hang in the PostInstallation.

I get the lines:

Finished Flashing OS
Determining the IP address of target…

and it sits there. The jetson board seems to boot and is waiting for me to log in. I assume there is something I am supposed to do, but I don’t know what.

Same for me. Target is up and running but there was no Device Information dialog for entering the device IP address and now post installation hangs.

Host: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS, virtual machine
Target: Jetson TX1
Jetpack: JetPack-L4T-3.0-linux-x64.run

Networking and later events happen after flash has completed and the Jetson has rebooted. Assuming flash worked but router setup failed (and sometimes the host itself is a router) perhaps manually entered networking info would be possible. What are you using for a router, and do you have a way of finding the address through logs?

Thanks for the hint, linuxdev. NAT is the default mode of my virtual machine. So the host itself is indeed a router. After switching to bridged mode the IP address of target was found. Although post installation hung again after the push part, the installation seems to be complete.

VMs tend to have a lot of issues similar to this. VM debugging steps often include adding buffer to I/O devices (such as USB), but I don’t know if this would help ethernet (at minimum you would have seen logs of a DHCP request you could start debugging with). Glad to hear bridging mode worked around those issues.