L4T 32.7.1 USB startup failed

I am using TX2, the bottom plate is the official P2597B04, the USB failed to boot, I suspect it has something to do with I2C, the mouse and keyboard are not recognized, the dmesg diary is uploaded, I hope someone can help me find the problem.
msg.txt (49.9 KB)


If you don’t do any “usb boot”, but directly flash it with pure sdkmanager, will usb able to work?

Thank you for your reply, there may be a problem with my description, it is normal startup, but the usb does not work. After using sdkmanager to flash the machine, it starts normally, but the usb does not work.

Sounds like a hardware problem. Do you have other devkit to validate that?

I still have a tx2 module, I am going to try to replace it for testing, if the hardware is damaged, is there any way to return it to the factory for repair? what should I do?

We can only let you file RMA request.

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