L4T 32.7.2 requirement for Xavier AGX 32GB

I saw a vendor notice from a supplier of Jetson Xavier AGX modules that triggered this question.
They mentioned that due to DRAM/eMMC component changes users would have to upgrade to L4T 32.7.2.

Do these component changes affect the 32GB modules? Or perhaps the vendor is just filling supply with 64GB or Industrial modules which prompts their requirement.

Is there a requirement that users of the 32GB module must update to L4T 32.7.2 going forward?

L4T 32.7.2 is a minor release on top of L4T 32.7.1 and includes security fixes. Rest of the features are the same as L4T 32.7.1.
We suggest all customers to move on this newer SW to avoid any security problem.

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