L4T 5.1 reboot loop after enabling watchdog with RootFS A/B

Hi @Max_Dichler ,

There were two reasons why I did this:

  1. In a real system, the nature of data corruption is random. The data could be corrupted from any point onwards, not necessarily at the beginning of any partition. I wanted to simulate that scenario by choosing a random starting point for corrupting the partition.
  2. Initially, the rootfs feature was not working as expected. Therefore, as a experiment (to validate whether my test procedure was right or not), I was told by someone (who has experience in Linux based systems) to skip the first few bytes, and see whether that made any difference. The number 10k does not have any significance. It was chosen randomly just to skip first few bytes of the partition. (I dont remember exactly, but I think it was something to do with the Linux journal).
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Thanks for the update.

Thanks for the info

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