L4T and jetpack missing!OS is damaged?

jtop shows that the L4T and jetpack are missing

When I run “sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack”,there will be the error message:

Could you please help me see what’s wrong? Is the operating system corrupted?


You should not be trying to install JetPack on this device.
IGX devices have it’s own software stack, which is different from what Jetson uses:

Thank you for your reply!
I have another a question. Can I install the IGX software stack on a IGX device that has been installed the Driver OS.

Drive OS is a completely different platform.

I use command "sudo dpkg -i ./nv-tensorrt-repo-ubuntu2004-cuda11.4-trt8.6.12.4-d6l-target-ga-20231014_1-1_arm64.deb " to install TRT on Drive Os.
After using command “sudo make TARGET=aarch64” in /usr/src/tensorrt/samples, I get the trtexec.
Howerver, when I use trtexec to convert onnx model, the following error occurs:

2024-04-29 11-51-38 的屏幕截图

What is the problem?
Thank you for your reply!

You should file a new topic in the DriveOS forum.

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