L4T documentation issue in "Flashing to a Flash Drive"


In the following instructions “kernel” is incorrect in the 2 parted command lines. It should be omitted and “ext4” placed after “APP”… sudo parted /dev/<sdx> mkpart APP ext4 0GB <size>

4.  Add the APP partition:

    $ sudo parted /dev/<sdx> mkpart kernel APP 0GB <size>

    Where <size> is the size of the partition. It must be at least 8 GB (specify 8GB). It may be larger if the flash drive has enough space.

    For example, if <sdx> is sdb and the partition is to contain 14 GB, enter:

    $ sudo parted /dev/sdb mkpart kernel APP 0GB 14GB
    The device name of the APP partition will be /dev/<sdx>1.

Hi gtj,

The L4T documentation steps is correct.
Create gpt -> Add partition (sdx) -> Format APP partiton as an ext4 (sdx1) -> generate the rootfs (sdx1)

The steps are correct but the parted commands aren’t.

is not a valid parted command. This tells parted to create a partition named “kernel” with a file system type of “APP” which causes an error.

Hi gtj,

We’ll checking this issue and update to you.
Thanks for your sharing.

Hi gtj,

We’ll update the documents in next release.

The correct steps should be:
4. Add the APP partition:
$sudo parted /dev/ mkpart APP 0GB
$sudo parted /dev/sdb mkpart APP 0GB 14GB