[L4T driver package] BUP_generator.py is missing?

I cannot find BUP_generator.py in L4T driver package 32.1, Is this not provided in v32.X anymore?
How could I change the splash image?

BUP_generator.py is still there. Under Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader.

I could not find it in Jetson-Nano-Tegra210_Linux_R32.1.0_aarch64.tbz2

Sorry that BUP_generator.py is officially for TX2/TX2i but not for Nano and TX1 series.
Do you want to change the splash image?

Yes, I’d like to change the splash image.
I guess you removed BUP_generator.py in Jetson-Nano-Tegra210_Linux_R32.1.0_aarch64.tbz2 because you have removed bl_update_payload.
However, you still support splash in cboot.
In my opinion, you can keep BUP_generator.py and remove the function of generating bl_update_payload in BUP_generator.py.


I will let internal team know this problem.
Just note that the backstory of BUP_generator.py is not what you thought. BUP_generator was not for TX1 so even Nano does not have it. In brief, nothing is “removed”. It is just not existing from the beginning.

OK, thanks!