L4T info r32 5.1 , decode h264 output not right!

Hi ervery one !
I build my app in tx2 board L4T info r32.2.0 , my app have output yuv420 raw data is right, but in other tx2 board L4T info r32.5.1 , my app have output yuv420 raw data is not right, content image is scaled.
I did my app base on14_multivideo_decode example. please help me ! Thanks!

Please check if the issue can be reproduced by running 14_multivideo_decode. If the sample can be run to reproduce the issue, please provide the command.

I build my app in tx2 r32.2.0 and run in tx2 r32.5.1

in my log, r32.5.1 , block linear buffer , I use NvBufferGetParams

  •        pixel_format =26 
  •        num_planes =2 
  •        width[0] =4096 height[0]=2160 pitch[0]=8192
  •        width[1] =2048 height[1]=1080 pitch[1]=8192

and in r32.2.0 output is

  •       pixel_format =26 
  •       num_planes =2 
  •       width[0] =4096 height[0]=2160 pitch[0]=4096
  •       width[1] =2048 height[1]=1080 pitch[1]=4096

i don’t know why the output is different ? please explain me ! Thanks !

One possible cause is that you don’t build the app with header files of r32.5.1. If you install through SDKManager you will see samples in


Please build with header files in


my tx2 r32.5.1 don’t have /usr/src/jetson_multimedia_api folder exist , Can I install it through any command terminal ?


Please try

$ sudo apt install nvidia-l4t-jetson-multimedia-api