l4t linux and dma_buf support

Hi all, does the latest l4t linux kernel contain the dma_buf infrastructure available in mainline linux 4.6, and does it use it in the tegra camera interface and image processing drivers ? If not, when is that going to happen for jetson TX2 or TX1 boards ?


Hi phdm,

Please take a look at “MM API Samples” mentioned in https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetpack-notes .Thanks!

On the phoronix web site, I had read : “The Jetson TX2 with JetPack 3.0 L4T is making use of the Linux 4.4.15 kernel. Linux 4.4 was the current Long-Term Support release during the hardware’s bring-up, which is why they used that kernel, while Linux 4.9 LTS wasn’t around at that time. But they are working to mainline Jetson TX2 work and they are hoping some of it may be ready for Linux 4.12.”

We are planning to write a driver for a currently unsupported camera sensor chip on a custom built motherboard, and we would like to rely on a standard way of doing things to be able to benefit easily of other advances in the mainline linux kernel and gstreamer project.

So, is there, even in the staging phase, support for the image processing parts of the TX2 in a current mainline linux development tree (e.g.linux-media) , so that we could build up on that ?