L4T p3509-0000+p3668-0000-qspi.conf references an xml file that doesn't exist

p3509-0000+p3668-0000-qspi.conf sets EMMC_CFG to flash_l4t_t194_spi_p3668.xml which doesn’t exist in bootloader/t186ref/cfg/. I believe that file should have only the QSPI NOR device in it. If I copy flash_l4t_t194_spi_sd_p3668.xml to p3509-0000+p3668-0000-qspi.conf and remove the sd card device, it works fine flash.sh works fine and only flashes the QSPI NOR partitions.

I guess this is a mistake because we didn’t verify everything under this driver package.
This config file should not be released at all I guess.

We will check this. Not sure if we will add the xml file back or remove this .conf file.

The reason I was using it is because I wanted to ensure that the flash process didn’t touch the mmcblk0 block device at all.