L4t_payload_updater_t210 update upgrade

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We still don’t have an answer for L4t_payload_updater_t210?
Does not it exist in “Sample Root Filesystem”?
No, it doesn’t exist in “Sample Root Filesystem”.
How do you get it from R32.5?
We get it from a issue patch.

Hi 18502109920,

What do you mean about “get it from a issue patch”?

l4t_payload_updater_t210 should be included in rootfs/usr/sbin/l4t_payload_updater_t210

we create an issue to you before, and the solution given us the l4t_payload_updater_t210.
I will look for this issus.

The issuse:“Bootloader Update Error - #16 by rd1
ask us to download l4t_payload_updater_t210.
And it got from “L4T 32.5 Archive | NVIDIA Developer”. It had the download file.

That one seems a workaround for R32.5 and you need that python script.
Have you referred the steps there it work for you?

For R32.5, after we update l4t_payload_updater_t210 , it is ok.

You didn’t tell me how to get l4t_payload_updater_t210 for R32.7.3 except through sdkmanager!

You could just get it from SDKM or copy it from other release and use it.

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