L4T r21.5 example rootfs size reduction

Is it possible to get rid of parts of the L4T r21.5 example rootfs for the Jetson TK1 to reduce its size?
What parts are always required?
What parts relate to specific functionality (one probably does not need)?

The sample rootfs can be completely substituted or edited (a volume of manuals on the topic wouldn’t cover everything). As to what parts are required, an entirely different flavor of Linux could be loaded if you have something modified to work with this hardware…the question is what you are willing to lose and how much effort you can put into it. For most people wanting to cut down the rootfs there is probably still a strong desire to leave CUDA functioning.

If you look at the driver package you will see subdirectory “nv_tegra”. Within that is file “nvidia_drivers.tbz2”…this contains a set of files which replace sample rootfs files and act as drivers for direct hardware access. If you leave in anything related to those files your chances of keeping features like CUDA goes up (on a running system those files can be validated via “sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release”…this is more or less a list of those files).

Note that getting rid of Xorg is not possible if you want to keep CUDA…it is the Xorg ABI which accesses the GPU. Perhaps though you only access multimedia files a certain way and more than one option exists…you could get rid of one of the optional methods (that’s a contrived example, but it is the basis of what you probably need to do).

Really, what you will need to do is read up on standard Ubuntu packaging system, see what packages you think you can live without, and try something like “apt-get remove” on them. Before you do that consider cloning as a means of backup: