L4T R24.2.3 — Maintenance Release for Jetson TX1

L4T R24.2.3 is a maintenance release for Jetson TX1 production codeline L4T 24.2, with LTS Kernel 3.10.

See the Release Notes for the list of fixed issues.

Please note that L4T 28.2 (included in JetPack installer) is the latest production codeline for Jetson TX1.

L4T R24.2.3 download available here - https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/linux-tegra-r2423

Does it mean that TX1 won’t have new update ?

Will it Only have maintenacne release in the future ?

Hi Tonie, in the future we don’t intend on updating the R24 codeline, however we will be continuing with R28 maintenance updates.