L4T r32.1 Kernel source builds large 400MB + of modules

I am trying to build a custom kernel and modules for TX2 r32.1. I have attempted to cross-compile and native compile on TX2, using running config and tegra_defconfig. It seems like there is no way to build for just the TX2. The GPU driver itself is a huge 86MB module and the /drivers/net directory is well over 200MB. I have compiled from Jetson Download Center source .tar and from sources.sync and always get the same resulting massive module sizes. Everything compiles and runs just fine otherwise. I just can’t deploy with 400MB of modules.
NOTE: CC and compiled with recommended toolchains.

How do you check those size?

I made a tar archive of the built modules and noticed that the archive was very large. I then used ls -lh from terminal and Nautilus on desktop to confirm the individual module sizes and total directory size. On every build (native and cross compile) the size of the files has been huge. Example: /drivers/net/wireless/bcmdhd is 1.4MB in the JP4.2 version but almost 15MB in the version compiled from r32.1 source.

Using “make INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1 modules_install” produces the proper file sizes (same as JP4.2 default module sizes). Seems that the increase may be from debugging symbols.