L4T R32.7.2 release notes?

I see that R32.7.2 has been released, but the release notes link on the page points to a copy of the release notes for R32.7.1.

Is the only change between 32.7.1 and 32.7.2 the inclusion of the cboot security fixes, or are there other changes?

We will update pages when all release process done. The release notes will also be updated.
Please wait for our announcement.

Thanks. Sorry for jumping the gun.

I tried it and none of my reported issues got fixed. There must be a reason to rush out 32.7.2 with some urgent/critical fixes.
I am eager to see the changelogs for 32.7.2.

Any updates? I see others are already suggesting people to start using it.

It turned out the 32.7.2 was a rushed out release with urgent security fixes. Based on the security bulletin, vulnerabilities are mostly cboot related. This explains why most bugs I reported are not in there.

Yes, customer can see the JetPack 4.6.2 to flash the L4T R32.7.2 by SDK manager.
Others are the same as R32.7.1

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