L4tb4r0 no IP address provided to the host with latest 4.5.1

Today I have installed the latest 4.5.1 from your pre-canned SD images (Nano getting started). In the past whenever I connected the Nano via micro USB I got a new interface on my Mac having an IP, being able to connect to the Nano at

This seems to not work anymore. I see a new folder popping up, so the Nano appears as drive “L4-T4-README”, but no network interface

BTW: The appropriate interface l4tbr0 on the Nano is up. On my Mac an interface en8 pops up and disappears, with the line connection. But no IP address

I don’t have the ability to debug network issues on a Mac, but the fact that the README shows up also indicates the code intended to work with the micro-B USB virtual wired ethernet is also attempting to run.

On the Nano, if you don’t connect the micro-B USB to the Mac or Jetson, monitor “dmesg --follow”. Also, save a copy of the output of “ifconfig” and “route” on the Nano. The Mac probably has either ifconfig/route or some equivalent, so you might save a copy of that as well (before connecting USB) if you know what it is for a Mac. Then observe the dmesg log as you insert the cable, and save what the log message is for posting here. Also be sure to post both the old and new “ifconfig” and “route” output, and post it here. There might be some hint in this as to why it starts to work, but then changes its mind and stops.

Almost forgot: If the Mac has any kind of firewall software, then you might want to see if the connection is allowed or denied or has any kind of log.

It worked already with a previous install. But don’t worry, I will drop that interface and use eth0 instead