Label information for TX2 4GB module

We encountered ICQ issue of TX2 4GB module. The label information on module is different from datasheet. Could NVIDIA confirm which one is correct and how to fix?


mime-attachment (00D).gif

mime-attachment (2).gif

In datasheet:
19V – 2A

Received module:
19.6V – 2A

Re-attached comparison between datasheet and received module.

Hi, please take datasheet (19V) as reference first, we will check it in detail, thanks.

Hi Trumany,

We have 150 pcs pending on IQC and cannot be accepted by manufactory. If datasheet is correct, could you have a formal document for explanation or send us the new label of module.


Hi davidcoo882, after checking internally, the label is correct, the datasheet will be corrected in next version, thanks for your feedback.